Memoir Panels

In contrast to so much of my work that incorporates several processes, the diminutive 4" × 6" scale of the "Memoir Panels" allows me to finish them relatively quickly. I experience the satisfying adrenalin rush of actually walking out of the studio with something truly D-O-N-E while thoroughly enjoying the literal, aesthetic and poetic associations the panels’ diverse materials evoke. I try to keep the collages casual- freely combining, for instance, old bits of drawings that I could never give up with detritus from my morning jog. To the degree that my time lived within a family, spent with students, or consumed by work, creeps into compositions that are largely abstract, I regard these objects as idiosyncratically diaristic. That I have developed a much keener appreciation for non-objective abstraction in the creation of these pieces is also true.

As a deep well of creative activity from which so many studio projects can be drawn, the "Memoir Panels", at their best, delight me with the multiplicity of their sources while, I hope, stand on their own as compelling objects to the viewer.